10 Best side by side Refrigerator in India 2023

side by side refrigerator

Refrigerators are an integral component of modern kitchens, helping maintain fresh food supplies. The side by side refrigerator popularity increases for its unique design and functionality. This design features two doors running along its length with refrigerator on one side and a freezer on the other. This space-saving refrigerator has become popular with homeowners and chefs with easy access to both compartments.

How did we select the most appropriate Side-by-Side Refrigerators?

Customer Reviews and Ratings: To measure the real-world performance of each model, we conducted extensive customer reviews across various retail platforms. This step enabled us to obtain more reliable insights.

Features and Specifications: Refrigerators offer more than simply food storage space; we evaluated various features such as energy efficiency, storage space, temperature regulation, and smart capabilities that made a refrigerator suitable for our consideration.

Reputation of Brands in the Refrigeration Market: Our study considered both the brand reputation in this market and their aftersales service provision.

Price: At our showrooms, we offer refrigerators at various price points, each offering great value for money.

Side by side Refrigerator Review

1. Samsung 653 L Convertible 5 In 1 Refrigerator

samsung 653 l refrigerator 1
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Key Feature:

  • Convertible 5in1 storage modes
  • 653 liters capacity for large families
  • Digital Inverter Compressor for efficient operation
  • Energy-efficient with 50% less power consumption
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 409L | Freezer Capacity: 244L
  • Twin Cooling Plus for optimal freshness
  • MoistFresh Zone for extended food preservation
  • Powercool and Powerfreeze functions
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for convenient control anywhere
  • Sleek built-in design with precise cooling

Product Description:

The Samsung 653 L Frost Free Convertible 5 in 1 Digital Inverter Wi-Fi Enabled Side by Side Refrigerator was created to efficiently meet all your storage needs. Thanks to its Convertible 5in1 mode, you can easily optimize its capacity according to your requirements – choose between Normal Mode, Seasonal Mode, Extra Fridge Mode, Vacation Mode or Home Alone Mode and customize its storage capacity according to your specific requirements.

This refrigerator is suitable for large families of five or more members, with a capacity of 653 liters. The Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed based on cooling needs for quieter operation and reduced power consumption; 50% lower power usage means greater energy efficiency while saving on electricity bills! Plus, its 20-year warranty guarantees the long-term performance of this compressor!

The interior of your refrigerator has been cleverly designed to meet all of your storage needs. With a Fresh Food Capacity of 409 liters and Freezer Capacity of 244 liters, respectively, as well as two compartments, two drawers, four toughened glass shelves, you can efficiently organize food items. Furthermore, this refrigerator boasts antibacterial gasket technology and six bottle storage capacity.

With its Twin Cooling Plus technology, this refrigerator ensures food remains fresh and moist for extended periods. Powercool and Powerfreeze functions provide quick cooling and freezing, respectively, for your convenience. Wi-Fi Enabled technology enables remote monitoring of its settings from anywhere; while its built-in design adds elegance to any kitchen while guaranteeing precise cooling to preserve food’s quality.


  • Convertible 5in1 storage modes for flexibility.
  • Large capacity suitable for big families.
  • Energy-efficient with 50% less power consumption.
  • Twin Cooling Plus technology for optimal freshness.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for remote control and monitoring.


  • May be expensive for budget-conscious buyers.

2. Godrej 564 L Free Side By Side Refrigerator 

godrej 564 l refrigerator
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Key Feature:

  • Auto Defrost technology prevents ice build-up
  • 564 L capacity for large families
  • Left side freezer, right side fridge
  • 1 Year Warranty on Product, 10 Years on Compressor
  • Multi airflow system for optimal temperature
  • Super Freeze Function for quick freezing
  • Removable Twist Ice Maker for perfect ice cubes
  • XXL Door Balcony accommodates tall bottles
  • Bigger Drawers for extra storage space
  • Bright LED Lighting for clear illumination

Product Description:

Godrej 564 L Frost Free Side By Side Refrigerator was created to meet the daily requirements of families with five or more members, featuring auto defrost technology that automatically prevents excess ice build-up and eliminates manual defrosting hassle.

This refrigerator boasts both a 1-year product and 10-year compressor warranty for long-term peace of mind and performance. The multi-airflow system intelligently distributes air throughout both fridge and freezer sections to maintain constant and optimal temperatures – helping ensure food remains consistently chilled, thus maintaining freshness and quality.

The super freeze function is an efficient and useful feature designed to lower freezer temperatures for faster food freezing quickly. The removable twist ice maker allows for effortless production of perfectly formed cubes every time, while an XXL door balcony allows you to store taller items like 2-litre soda bottles in its spacious door pockets.

The refrigerator features larger drawers to provide additional storage space, making it easier to accommodate more food items. Bright LED lighting illuminates its interior for easy visibility and access to stored items. This appliance adds elegance to your kitchen with its glossy finish and solid pattern design.


  • Efficient auto defrost technology.
  • Generous 564 L capacity for large families.
  • Multi airflow system for optimal temperature.
  • Super freeze function for quick freezing.
  • Removable twist ice maker for perfect ice cubes.


  • May be too large for smaller kitchens.

3. Haier 531 L Side-by-Side Refrigerator

haier 531 l refrigerator
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Key Feature:

  • Frost-free Side by Side refrigerator
  • Twin Inverter Technology for efficient operation
  • 570-liter capacity for large families
  • Energy-efficient with low annual energy consumption
  • 10 Year Warranty on Compressor
  • Inverter compressor for cost and energy efficiency
  • PUF insulation for better cooling retention
  • Spill-proof toughened glass shelves

Product Description:

The Haier 531 L Inverter Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerator is an energy-efficient frost-free refrigerator designed for convenient and effective cooling. Equipped with Twin Inverter Technology, its compressor and fan can run at different speeds to optimize energy consumption while still achieving effective cooling performance. Boasting 570L capacity it’s ideal for large households needing ample storage.

This refrigerator was created with energy efficiency in mind. With an annual energy consumption of just 358 units, this device helps save on electricity bills while decreasing your environmental impact. Furthermore, its 10-year compressor warranty offers long-term peace of mind.

This refrigerator offers both cost and energy efficiency with an inverter compressor. Adapting its speed based on cooling demands minimizes energy usage while compressor lifespan increases. PUF insulation used within this appliance helps retain low temperatures efficiently to maximize performance and ensure food preservation.

Refrigerators equipped with toughened glass shelves offer durability and ease of cleaning, enabling users to safely store food items without fear of accidental leaks or spills. Their side-by-side design also provides convenient access to both fridge and freezer compartments, helping users organize items efficiently.


  • Frost-free operation for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Twin Inverter Technology for energy efficiency.
  • Spacious capacity suitable for large families.
  • Low annual energy consumption.
  • Long 10-year warranty on the compressor.


  • Price may be high if you are looking a budget fridge.

4. AmazonBasics 564 L Side by Side Refrigerator

amazonbasics 564 l refrigerator
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Key Feature:

  • Side-by-side refrigerator with Water Dispenser
  • Auto Defrost technology prevents ice build-up
  • 564 L capacity for large families
  • 5-year warranty on the compressor
  • Multi airflow system for uniform cooling
  • In-built LED Display Panel for easy temperature control
  • Hassle-free warranty claim process
  • Free gas refill/top-up in the first year
  • Toughened glass shelves for durability
  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency

Product Description:

AmazonBasics 564 L Inverter Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser is a feature-rich refrigerator designed to meet the demands of modern households. Featuring a side-by-side design with a water dispenser for convenient access to chilled water and auto defrost technology to automatically prevent excess ice build-up, saving time from manual defrosting efforts.

With its 564-liter capacity, this refrigerator is perfect for families of five or more members and offers enough storage space. Plus, its warranty coverage for manufacturing defects includes both 1-year on the refrigerator itself and 5-years on its compressor – so no waiting in queues or making phone calls required! Plus the warranty claim process is paperless, so schedule an appointment online without delay!

A multi-airflow system ensures smooth airflow into all storage compartments for uniform cooling throughout your refrigerator, with instant access to temperature settings via its LED Display Panel. Plus, its Energy Star certification guarantees more energy savings and reduced electricity usage.


  • Water dispenser for easy access to chilled water.
  • Auto defrost technology for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Uniform cooling with the multi airflow system.
  • Convenient temperature control with the LED Display Panel.


  • Water dispenser may require plumbing installation.

5. Haier 630 L Double Door Side By Side Refrigerator

haier 630 l refrigerator
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Key Feature:

  • Haier 630L Double Door Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Expert Inverter Technology
  • Magic Convertible Feature
  • 5 star Energy rating
  • Easy Conversion to 100% Fridge Section
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • 360 Degree Cooling
  • Extra Pockets for Beverage Storage
  • 1-Year Product Warranty
  • 10-Year Compressor Warranty

Product Description:

The Haier 630L Double Door Side By Side Refrigerator is an efficient and innovative appliance, adding convenience and innovation to your kitchen. It’s sleek design and black steel finish add style and class to any modern home. Equipped with Expert Inverter Technology to ensure efficient energy-saving operation.

One of the standout features of this refrigerator is its Magic Convertible feature. With this, it’s easy to convert to 100% fridge mode whenever extra perishable storage space is required – perfect whether hosting a party or stocking up on groceries! This feature gives great flexibility.

Stabilizer Free Operation can put an end to electricity fluctuations harming your refrigerator. Its voltage balancing capabilities help provide optimal performance and prolong appliance lifespan.

Experience 360-degree cooling with the Haier 630L refrigerator! It evenly disperses cool air across its four compartments to maintain optimal freshness for up to 21 days of food preservation.


  • Flexible Magic Convertible feature.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation for protection against electricity fluctuations.
  • 360-degree cooling for long-lasting freshness.
  • Extra pockets for storing beverages.


6. Midea 591L Side By Side Refrigerator 

midea 591l side by side refrigerator
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Key feature:

  • Midea 591L Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Inverter Technology
  • Frost-Free Operation
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Large Capacity of 591L
  • Suitable for Families with 5+ Members
  • 1-Year Product Warranty
  • 10-Year Compressor Warranty
  • Energy-Efficient Inverter Compressor
  • Spill-Proof Toughened Glass Shelves

Product Description:

Midea’s 591L Side By Side Refrigerator is a stunning appliance, combining style and function for maximum effect in any modern home. Its elegant appeal complements any decor perfectly, while its generous capacity of 591L makes it suitable for households of five members or more.

With advanced Inverter Technology, this refrigerator ensures uniform cooling across its compartments while optimizing energy efficiency and reducing power consumption depending on usage patterns. You’ll experience reliable cooling performance while cutting your electric costs!

Frost-free operation eliminates the hassle and effort involved with manual defrosting, eliminating ice buildup while saving both time and effort in maintenance costs.

Midea’s Side By Side Refrigerator comes equipped with four spill-proof toughened glass shelves that are designed to withstand heavy loads while being simple to clean in case of spills or accidents.


  • Stylish stainless steel finish enhances kitchen decor.
  • Large capacity suitable for big families.
  • Energy-efficient inverter compressor saves power consumption.
  • Frost-free operation eliminates the need for manual defrosting.


  • Limited color options.

7. LG 655 L Side-By-Side Refrigerator

lg 655 l side by side refrigerator
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Key Feature:

  1. LG 655L Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator
  2. Inverter Compressor for Energy Savings
  3. Dazzle Steel Finish for a Stylish Look
  4. Auto-Defrost Function to Prevent Ice Build-Up
  5. Large Capacity of 655L
  6. Express Freeze for Quick Freezing
  7. Multi Air-Flow System for Even Cooling
  8. 1-Year Product Warranty
  9. 10-Year Compressor Warranty
  10. Tempered Glass Shelves for Durability

Product Description:

The LG 655L Frost-Free Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator is an excellent appliance, boasting both style and function. Its unique cooling technology helps preserve freshness and flavour for longer by minimizing temperature fluctuations.

Auto-defrost features allow for automatic defrosting to minimize ice build-up, saving time and effort while guaranteeing optimal performance. Express freeze offers rapid freezing of items – ideal for maintaining food quality!

The multi-air-flow refrigerator systems ensure uniform cooling across each compartment, keeping food fresh and delicious for optimal storage conditions. Tempered glass shelves are sturdy and reliable storage solutions capable of supporting heavy loads, making them easy to keep clean while providing a hygienic space to store food items.


  • Stylish dazzle steel finish adds elegance to the kitchen.
  • Auto-defrost function eliminates the need for manual defrosting.
  • Express freeze feature for quick freezing of items.
  • Multi air-flow system ensures even cooling throughout.


  • High budget product.

8. Panasonic 592 L Wifi Inverter Refrigerator

panasonic 592 l wifi refrigerator
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Key feature:

  • Panasonic 592L Wifi Inverter
  • Auto Defrost Technology
  • Miraie App for Remote Temperature Control
  • Double Vegetable Box for Extra Storage
  • 592L Capacity for Large Families
  • Inverter Compressor for Energy Efficiency
  • Premium Black Glass Design
  • Ag+ Technology for Clean Storage
  • LED Display Panel for Easy Control
  • Child Lock for Safety

Product Description

Panasonic 592L Wifi Inverter Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerator is a black premium glass finish; it adds an element of sophistication to modern kitchen decor while featuring advanced technologies and smart features that make life simpler for you.

With automatic defrost technology, this refrigerator makes defrosting easier by automatically clearing away excess ice buildup. Plus, the Miraie app gives you remote access to manage your fridge and freezer temperatures from any location using your smartphone!

This refrigerator meets the daily requirements for large families with a capacity of 592L. The inverter compressor ensures energy efficiency and silent operation, while Ag+ technology, with its filter containing silver ions, helps your food remain nutrient-rich and fresh for easy consumption. Plus, an LED display panel makes temperature settings easily accessible.

Their Miraie app also includes smart features like intelligent diagnostic functions, one-touch service requests, abnormal power failure notifications and real-time alerts about its status.


  • Sleek and modern black glass design.
  • Ag+ technology keeps food fresh and clean.
  • Easy control with the LED display panel.
  • Smart features for diagnostic and service requests.
  • Child lock feature for added safety.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity may require a stable internet connection.

9. Midea 482 L Side by Side Refrigerator

midea 482 l side by side refrigerator
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Key Feature:

  • Inverter Quatro Compressor
  • Multi Layer Air Flow
  • Ultra Thin Foaming Technology
  • Active C Fresh
  • Humidity Control
  • 482 L Capacity
  • Side by Side Design
  • Black Jazz Color

Product Description:

Midea’s 482 L Side by Side Refrigerator with Inverter combines advanced technology with stylish design to provide reliable storage capacity of 482 liters for all of your groceries and food items.

With an Inverter Quatro Compressor, this refrigerator offers efficient cooling and temperature regulation while using less energy. Furthermore, its Multi-Layer Air Flow system evenly disperses cool air throughout the unit for maximum freshness in food storage.

Ultra Thin Foaming Technology increases insulation and minimizes heat exchange for greater energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills. Meanwhile, Active C Fresh helps naturally preserve fruit and vegetable freshness and flavor.

This refrigerator features Humidity Control, allowing you to customize humidity levels in each compartment and extend their freshness for longer. Its stylish Side by Side design and Black Jazz colour bring elegance into any kitchen decor.


  • Efficient cooling with Inverter Quatro Compressor.
  • Even distribution of cool air with Multi Layer Air Flow.
  • Energy-saving Ultra Thin Foaming Technology.
  • Preserves freshness and flavor with Active C Fresh.
  • Adjustable humidity levels with Humidity Control.


  • No extended warranty options available.

10. Hisense 564 L Refrigerator with Water Dispenser

hisense 564 l refrigerator
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Key Feature:

  • Side by Side Frost-Free Refrigerator
  • 564 L Capacity
  • Water Dispenser
  • Auto-Defrost Function
  • Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Energy Efficient
  • Silent Operation
  • Durable Construction
  • Spill-Proof Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • 10-Year Warranty (Compressor)

Product Description:

Hisense’s 564L Inverter Frost-Free Side by Side Door Refrigerator with Water Dispenser is an award-winning premium refrigerator has spacious capacity, cutting-edge features and convenient functionality.

The frost-free technology ensures hassle-free maintenance while keeping food items fresh and accessible. The refrigerator has a convenient water dispenser that makes chilled water easily available and an energy-efficient digital inverter compressor.

These spill-proof toughened adjustable glass shelves provide greater flexibility for organizing your groceries, withstanding heavy loads without shifting or tipping over. Adjust them easily to accommodate larger items without risking spillage.


  • Spacious capacity suitable for larger families.
  • Convenient water dispenser for chilled water on demand.
  • Frost-free technology eliminates the need for manual defrosting.
  • Energy-efficient operation for reduced electricity consumption.
  • Silent performance for a peaceful environment.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.


  • Water dispenser may require maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages Of Side by Side Refrigerator


  • The side by side design provides easy access to the refrigerator and freezer compartments, making it highly convenient for users.
  • The shelving layout promotes better organization, allowing you to locate items easily.


  • Side by side models can be less energy efficient than top-freezer or bottom-freezer models.

Is a side by side Refrigerator right for you?

The side by side refrigerator brings a unique blend of style and functionality, the decision ultimately depends on your specific needs. If convenience, space-saving design, and organized storage top your priority list, then a side by side refrigerator could perfectly fit your kitchen.

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